Our commitments

Our commitments to train responsible managers and accelerate ecological and social transition

A turning point for our institution, KEDGE IMPAKT is our contribution to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is broken down into three pillars and nine concrete commitments.
Discover the details of the KEDGE IMPAKT strategy, exploring the content of each pillar and the concrete achievements for each of them.

Care for people

Committing to a more inclusive society

  • Commitment 1 : Support our students throughout their pathway, by providing facilities for their mental, physical and financial health and by combating discrimination
  • Commitment 2 : Be a responsible employer, aiming for professional equality and ensuring employees development through training
  • Commitment 3 : Act for our territories, through providing equal opportunities and contributing to local development and public interest

Act for the planet

Acting to protect the climate and biodiversity

  • Commitment 4 : Contribute to global carbon neutrality, through sobriety and residual emissions’ offsetting
  • Commitment 5 : Reduce the environmental footprint of all our activities by managing our impacts and making responsible purchasing our standard
  • Commitment 6 : Engage our stakeholders and preserve our territories, by raising awareness and restoring biodiversity

Innovate for tomorrow

Reinventing our core businesses to accelerate ecological and social transition

  • Commitment 7 : Train all our students for ecological and social transition, through a common foundation and powerful specialisation pathways
  • Commitment 8 : Inform change through our research excellence, our academic output and our thematic and sectoral expertise
  • Commitment 9 : Support the development of impact careers and business models, by engaging and collaborating with our alumni network, our partner companies and our incubators